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I did that.”Extraterrestrial”. 


The Savior.


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Futuristic, Nostalgia

Cobe Obeah recently released his junior project: “Song of the Starz: DARK NIGHT,” early this fall. Shortly after its release, RESPECT Magazine called the mixtape their favorite project of the month and also one of the best projects released this year.
The Rapper/Producer, releases his new track, “The Hunger (strawberries)”.
Cobe is preparing for the release of his next project, “Betty KING’s griot”.
Be on the lookout for the next project coming in Spring 2014.


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Ethiopia Skate | A Message to the World

(Source: vimeo.com)


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Come Alive in August (Official Video) 


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"Song of the Starz: DARK NIGHT

Enjoy my story.


Song of the Starz : DARK NIGHT


1. “Cousin of Death”   (prod. by GX) additional violins by Jon Kaye 

2. “Blackberry Merlot” ft LV   (prod. by GX)

3. “Come Alive in August     (prod. by Blended Babies) additional vocals by Jasmine 

4. “Have Mercy”    (prod. by Saeed)

5. “Dark Night”      (prod. by Farbod and Cobe Obeah)

6. “My Sickness”   (prod. by Saeed) additional violins by Jon Kaye

7. “Roamin with Romans (On Planet X)" (prod. by starRo)

8. “Soho Pimpin” ft LV / “The Proposal” (Prod. by starRo) / (produced by Carlos P. and Cobe Obeah) additional keys by GX

9. “Bonjour”   (prod. by Heartbeat) / (“Night Ride interlude” prod. by Saeed, Carlos P, and Cobe Obeah)

10.”True Colors” ft Nneka  (produced by Tumi, Carlos P, and Cobe Obeah)

11. “Obelisk” ft Sunni Colòn(prod. by GX) additional guitar by GX

12. “Eat Like Kings”   (prod. by Saeed) additional by violins Jon Kaye/ additional vocals by Tai Phillips)

13. “Telephone”   (prod. by Carlos P)

14.  ”Constellations” ft Sunni Colòn, and Meaku   (prod. by GX ) 



"Song of the Starz : DARK NIGHT" CoverART.